The Works of Andrés Sanz: a (non) systematic review.

The items posted here are notes, ideas and (moving) pictures that were part of the creative process during the making of my work.

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Flat Love

Flat Love

22 August 2014

Screening of Flat Love at the Thyssen Museum, Madrid.

SHOWING Flat Love at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid during current exhibition "Pop Art Myths". 
Sat August 23, 19:30.
Along the great documentary: Roy Lichtenstein, New York Doesn’t Exist (1996) by André S. Labarthe.
Museo Thyssen, Paseo del Prado 8, Madrid, España.

22 October 2010

Watch Flat Love Online at FIBABC

Flat Love has been selected at Festival Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes ABC.

Now you can WATCH the short and VOTE here.

03 October 2010

Flat Love: WINNER Coney Island Film Festival

Flat Love wins BEST SHORT FILM at The Coney Island Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY!!!

We shot the last part of the film in Coney Island although it was supposed to look like an empty magical Caribbean beach. Obviously, Coney doesn't look like that (as you can tell by the pics bellow). It was a nightmare of a shoot!... Although it all worked out at the end. So happy to get the Coney Island Award! YAY

25 September 2010

Flat Love: Fall 2010 Festival Selections.

2 Shows in Greece! The Naoussa International Film Festival and Thess International Film Festival (Thessalonique).
7th Naoussa International Film Festival.
From 30 September to 3 October 2010 culture celebrates at Naoussa.
Check-in and enjoy cinema at its best!
established in 2007 as AZA Short Film Festival, hosts every year over 300 short-films of exceptional quality from all over the world, and will be again in 2010 part of the prestigious 45th DIMITRIA Arts Festival of city of Thessaloniki.
Back to California! Flat Love at the official selection of the inaugural Anaheim International Film Festival set for October 13-17, 2010.
15 Short Film Festival, Charlotte.
The 15 Short Film Festival is now in its fifth year and has had over 1000 entries from over 20 countries, Oscar nominated shorts, many many award winning films and directors and even an appearance by Bill Murray. The fourth annual 15 Short Film Festival will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Evening Muse on October 17, 2010

URUGUAY Premiere! Playing at III Muestra de Cine Experimental ROMPAN LÍMITES. Experimental Film Festival in Maldonado, Uruguay.1-3 October 2010. Casa de la Cultura de Maldonado.

Screening: Friday Oct 1st. 22.15 h.

Flat Love will go to Thailand in November!
Selected at the 8th World Film Festival of Bangkok. 5 – 14, Nov.

17 September 2010

14 September 2010

12 September 2010

Flat Love: WINNER at Astorga Film Festival.

Flat Love wins THIRD PRIZE and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY award at the Astorga Film Festival (Leon, Spain). The award ceremony took place on Saturday September 11th.
Congratulations to Director of Photography Javier Ruiz Gómez for this well deserved recognition. *****

10 September 2010

Flat Love: watch it online at

Flat Love makes front page in

EL PAIS, the Leading Spanish national newspaper, opens with Flat Love a new season of short films in their website. Flat Love was featured in the front page.

Here's the text accompanying Flat Love at

Narrado por la actriz Isabella Rossellini y ganador, entre otros, del Premio del Público y el Premio al Mejor Corto en el Festival Internacional de Nueva York, el nuevo corto de Andrés Sanz debería estar recomendado por prescripción médica. Para todos los que amando se tropiezan con la misma piedra y aprenden a palos. Para todos los que creen que el cine en corto puede decir tantas verdades como las grandes producciones. Para todos los que aman en tres dimensiones. Flat Love, de Andrés Sanz, corto de la semana en El País.

Narrated by actress Isabella Rossellini and winner, among others, of the Audience Award and the Award for Best Short at the International Festival of New York, the new film by Andres Sanz should be recommended by a physician. For all of us lovers who make the same old mistakes. For all those who believe that short films can say as many truths as big productions. For all who love in three dimensions...

05 September 2010

Flat Love: Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival.

Flat Love plays at MIFFF, Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival.
SEATTLE, Washington USA. September 17th-19th, 2010.
The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival, the premiere Pacific Northwest weekend long event devoted towards independent and international genre film making. The event was created to offer exposure to films that traditionally are overlooked by the festival circuit from genres including action, animation, fantasy, horror, and science fiction. The festival will feature an amazing selection of fantastic cinema from around the globe.

01 September 2010

Flat Love: WINNER at Times Square.

FLAT LOVE won the Best Audience Award for a Foreign Film at The New York City International Film Festival Times Square 2010. WOW!!!!!

A message from Roberto Rizzo, Director of the New York City International Film Festival: Flat Love Was SHOWCASED 3 times today (Sunday August 29th), because People CAME asking for the film! It was an amazing weekend in TIMES SQUARE! your film is the Peoples CHOICE of TImes Square.
The event took place in Times Square from August 27th to the 29th at the TKTS location of Duffy Square. The NYCIFF is the first New York film festival to offer free open air screenings to the public.

21 August 2010

Flat Love: WINNER at New York City International Film Festival.

Flat Love WINS The New York City International Film Festival
The New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) has awarded Flat Love as best Short Film on Thursday August 19th at the Closing Ceremony in The New World Stages.
We'd like to thank the NYCIFF Director Roberto Rizzo and the Festival for this amazing award!
Flat Love, along with the rest of the 120 films selected at the festival, will be premiered in Times Square from August 27-29. For FREE and for the 1st Time Ever!
Duffy Square 46th to 47th St. Daily 12 Noon until 10 PM.

15 August 2010

Flat Love: WINNER at HollyShorts, Hollywood.

FLAT LOVE WINNER The HollyShorts Film Festival


The 6th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival ( came to a close early this past Friday with Flat Love taking home the Grand Jury Prize for Best Experimental Film.

6th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF),, took place August 5-12 in Hollywood.

We'd like to thank the Festival and the Jury for this great award!

The 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival Jury consists of:
Ryan Black, Grindstone
Jessy Terrero, Writer, Director, Producer (Soul Plane, music videos for 50 Cent, Sean Paul, The Lox, G-Unit)
Lucas Carter, The Weinstein Co. Director, Production and Development
Peter Russell, Story Analyst (Walden (AFG) Films (The Chronicles of Narnia), and Participant Productions (An Inconvenient Truth), Imagine Films, and CBS Television Network)
Amy Draughn, Production (Josh Brolin Productions)
Jamie Linden, Writer (We Are Marshall, Dear John)
Maurissa Tanchoreon, Writer, Actress (Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)
Arianna Jackson, Partner, Producer, Chill Entertainment (G, Confessions of a Memory Eater)
Leah Meyerhoff, Writer, Director (Twitch, Unicorns)
Eric Robles , Executive Producer, Animator/Creator Nickelodeon’s Fanboy and Chum Chum
William Olsson, Director, An American Affair
Ray McDermott, Film Radar
Darren Lew, Cinematographer
Deddy Tzur, Composer, The Golden Compass
Frank Chindamo, Fun Little Movies

08 August 2010

Flat Love: Charlotte Film Festival 2010.

SELECTED at The Charlotte Film Festival 2010.
T LOVE will play on Friday, September 24th (6:30)

and Saturday 25th (1:30). In the beautiful North Carolina!

07 August 2010

Flat Love: selected at Festival de Cine de Astorga, Spain.

¡Fenomenal! Flat Love in Leon, Spain!

Selected at XIII Certamen Cortometrajes de Cine Astorga 2010, Spain. September 2-12.

05 August 2010

Flat Love: selected at FESAALP, Argentina.

Selected in FESAALP, Argentina!!!

Flat love ha sido seleccionada para la Competencia Oficial de Cortos en la categoría Ficción del 5º Festival Latinoamericano de Cine – FESAALP de la ciudad de La Plata. 11-18 Septiembre.

03 August 2010

Flat Love: selected at Rhode Island International Film Festival 2010.

For the first time ever, the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival will show a short film which was selected & played the previous year. Guess which one? :)

We'd like to thank the RIFF for this exceptional opportunity and support.
Flat Love will play August 14, 7:00 PM at Opera House Theatre, Newport.

02 August 2010

Flat Love: selected at Strasbourg International Film Festival.

"Amour Plat" accepted into the Strasbourg International Film Festival.

The festival dates Aug 20 - 27 in Strasbourg, France.