The Works of Andrés Sanz: a (non) systematic review.

The items posted here are notes, ideas and (moving) pictures that were part of the creative process during the making of my work.

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Flat Love (2009)

Flat Love (2009)

10 April 2010

Flat Love: Shooting Flat Love (I)

A candid scene during the summer shoot of Flat Love, starring amusing D.H. Johnson and lovely Alise Shoemaker. Besides Flat Love being a silent film with voice over, notice the burdensome sound equipment; a perfect choice to add stress to Mr. cameraman Javier Ruiz Gomez's superb framing work.

The director requested a quiet and virginal beach spot in Long Island. To his amusement and crew's delight, production chose the picturesque and little frequented Connie Island. The beach was packed with humans that summer afternoon. The only clear spot in the entire beach was a 10 feet section of the sore loaded with rotten clams releasing a deathly odor that scared children and fisherman alike. Production decided wisely to shot right in there.

The actor's original voices will be released in the upcoming full dialogue edition of FL, soon on DVD and Blue Ray.

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