The Works of Andrés Sanz: a (non) systematic review.

The items posted here are notes, ideas and (moving) pictures that were part of the creative process during the making of my work.

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Flat Love (2009)

Flat Love (2009)

22 June 2010

Flat Love: Arcipielago Film Festival.

Flat Love in ROME!

Un’evocativa Isabella Rossellini racconta la strana storia di FLAT LOVE di Andrés Sanz (ore 22,30): un

uomo s’innamora della Pin up di un quadro al Museo d’Arte moderna di New York. Un racconto pop, un

divertente gioco tra realtà e finzione: sarà amore in 3d o in 2d?

ARCIPELAGO - International Festival of Short Films and New Images.
Flat Love Screening: June 22, 22.30 PM ("The Short Planet" program).
Buona fortuna!

ARCIPELAGO is organized by the not-for-profit body Associazione Culturale 3E-medi@ and takes place in Rome, each year in mid-June, hosted by the Intrastevere Multiscreen, right in the middle of the ancient heart of the city.