The Works of Andrés Sanz: a (non) systematic review.

The items posted here are notes, ideas and (moving) pictures that were part of the creative process during the making of my work.

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Flat Love (2009)

Flat Love (2009)

15 February 2009

Flat Love: The Early Script.

I draw more than a I write. Many of my ideas begin with improvised sketches. Sometimes an image comes out of my mind and finds its place in the story many months later.
In the case of FLAT LOVE, I started with a storyboard that resembled an experimental silent film.
Two lovers, a man and a woman, are always looking at each other but they're never in the same place; they never share the same space. While the man stays in a third dimensional world, he looks at a woman who is watching him from a two dimensional world. They both know they're watching each other and that they're in love but they never make contact. It is an impossible love. Later, we see that the man becomes a picture and then it is the woman who is looking at him in a third dimensional space. Ultimately, the story ends with the audience looking at both man and woman on a flat, two-dimensional screen (that is the movie or TV screen). Perhaps, we are also players moving on a flat surface unaware of being watched by somebody else, outside…  

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