The Works of Andrés Sanz: a (non) systematic review.

The items posted here are notes, ideas and (moving) pictures that were part of the creative process during the making of my work.

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Flat Love (2009)

Flat Love (2009)

16 February 2009

Flat Love: The Girl at the MOMA.

I developed this idea (a man and a woman are in love but they live in two separate spatial dimensions) for a few weeks until I had a magical encounter with a girl at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It changed everything.

I had met her before (after all, she is quite a celebrity) but I had never really noticed her. But one afternoon, I went to the MOMA to see the giant retrospective of the great Lee Friedlander, which was an overwhelming, mind blowing and exhausting experience (more than 500 photographs). Although I was pretty tired, since I was at the museum, I had to pay my obligatory visit to the ladies: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. I could stay in front of them for hours on end...

Then I wandered around the galleries and I saw her: a brunette with huge eyes and full red lips, wearing a dark blue bathing suit and holding a read & white beach ball. 

In some unexplainable way, I felt as if she was the one who chose me and not the other way around. 

Yes, you may think I'm crazy but she was looking at me...

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